When Dreams Come True

Hello everyone, and welcome to my blog! Most of you don`t know me, though there might be a small percentage familiar with Carmen`s Reading Corner, my book blog. Or if we go way back, you might remember Beauty Nerd, my now-defunct beauty blog (R.I.P. I had fun blogging there). Now you`re probably confused and wondering why the hell is this woman starting blog after blog. Truth be told, I initially wanted to focus only on my book blog. That`s the reason why I deleted Beauty Nerd, it seemed like a waste of time. But since something amazing happened at the beginning of the year, I wanted to start this new chapter with you. And I wanted a rebrand, a place where I can focus on the things that make me happy, and not on what sales or it`s popular.

                                    My Dream: I`m finally pregnant!
It seems weird to share this special announcement with a bunch of strangers. Maybe there really is no privacy left...However, conspiracy theories aside, I`m hoping that my story will inspire others. I`ve been struggling to get pregnant for over 5 years, and at one point I gave up on the idea of having kids naturally. After 3 years of taking different hormones, I came to the conclusion that their only result was me getting fat and moody. 

I`m lucky to have a supportive husband, so we started thinking about IVF, and we visited a clinic back in September. However, I wasn`t sure it was the right fit for me. There was one thing taking hormones and another investing hundreds of pounds in procedures that might not work. I know that for many couples this is the ultimate solution, but I was afraid it might draw a rift between my husband and me. Something similar happened to some family friends, and after so many setbacks, I was afraid to take the risk. I researched adoption, and although that`s time-consuming as well, it made me feel better knowing that my disappointments will lead to something good. As I mentioned above, I`d given up on the idea at this point.

The thing is, sometimes events happen when they need to happen, not when you want them to. I think it was November when my godmother recommended me some natural pills, with maca extract. Although I wasn`t optimistic about their fertility results, I thought I should give them a chance just so they would help me out with regulating my period. I started taking these pills in December, and in February I found out I am pregnant. Even after three pregnancy tests, it was hard to believe, and I let myself hope only after I had the first scan. I am in my last trimester now, and I can`t wait to meet my little girl. At 31 weeks, I am a bit worried because she`s in breech position and her weight is below average, but hoping for the best.

                                                                  A change of perspective

As a future mum, I`ve changed my viewpoint on so many things. As a graduate in political sciences, I was always conscious of what`s good and bad with our society. But now I have this motivation to do more, to help create a better world for my little angel. And that`s why I came back to blogging. It might seem silly or like I`m not making a difference at all. Maybe you`re right. But I`d like to think that every small act adds to something bigger. So what will I write about? I want to talk about ways we can reduce waste and save the Planet, be better people and do our loved ones proud. I`ve always disliked staying in a niche, but you can expect plenty of lifestyle and parenting posts. Truth be told, I`m still trying to figure it out, but hopefully, you`ll be along for the journey.


  1. First of all, congratulations on your pregnancy!! that's such amazing news and I can only imagine how thrilled you must be. I'm not in the position to have children yet but I can't wait to, some time in the future. Looking forward to reading more posts from you as you embark on this journey (: Thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks for commenting! It`s a very exciting moment, cause we`ve been trying for so long. A bit worried about the care I get, but hopefully it will be ok.