Top 5 European Cities I`ve Visited + Travel Bucket List

Hello, everyone! Today I wanted to talk to you about some of my favourite European destinations, and maybe give you some inspiration for your next holiday. For the record, I am Romanian and currently live in London. I`ve been to Hungary, Austria, Spain, Germany, Italy, Turkey, France, Bulgaria, Greece, Holland and Malta. Because of my nationality, I do require visas for some countries, and that`s why I`ve only visited Europe so far. If the law and budget would allow it, there are hundreds of places I`d like to see across Asia or Africa. Until then, here`s a list with my top 5 European cities.


1. Amsterdam
Despite its "fun" reputation, there`s more to Amsterdam than the Red Light District and coffee shops. There are a few reasons why it`s my number one European city, but what I like most are the architecture and friendly people. If you get the chance, I`d definitely recommend taking a boat trip across the canals. Amsterdam has a rich cultural heritage, and some of my favourite destinations are the Anne Frank house, the National Maritime Museum, Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum. Also, the food is amazing, especially if you have a sweet tooth. The number of chocolate waffles we had was obscene, but we have no regrets.
Amsterdam buildings

2. Venice
I only got to spend one day in Venice, on a trip I took in high-school back in 2008. Still, it`s a city that left an everlasting impression. Again, I was very impressed with the architecture. We only got to see a bit of the Doge`s Palace, but I remember it being such a breathtaking structure. Although extremely crowded, I also liked Saint Mark`s Basilica. Renaissance was one of my favourite periods in history, and Venice uniquely captures Italian culture. I`d definitely love to return for more days, but I also know that the locals are a bit tired of the tourists, so I`m not sure. 

3. Paris

I`ve been to Paris four times, and I always have mixed feelings when I go there. It`s the place I`ve spent my honeymoon, and that`s why it will always be special to me. I used to love the city more when I was younger, but now I find it a bit pricey and overcrowded. Sorry! Regardless of these tiny faults, you`ll definitely fall in love with its beautiful gardens, chic cafes and "joie de vivre". If you want to visit everything, I`d say you need at least ten days or two short trips. Because I`ve seen most of the big attractions, now whenever I go to Paris I spend my time either in the Latin Quarter or in Montmartre.

4. Barcelona
When people hear about Barcelona, they either think of Sagrada Familia or Park Guell, a park made of buildings designed by Gaudi. Let`s be honest, they`re both masterpieces you have to see at least once in a lifetime. But Barcelona also has beautiful beaches and fantastic cuisine. Personally, I think it`s the perfect family holiday destination. Last time I went to Barcelona I was 18, so I`d definitely like to experience this vibrating city as an adult.

5. Malta

Cheating a bit, as I`m including a whole island. But it`s so tiny and full of stunning places. Malta has an interesting history, at one point being ruled by the Romans, the Arabs or the British, amongst many others. Each of these empires left their mark on Maltese culture, and you can see their influences everywhere you look. I`d say you need to spend at least three days in the capital Valetta, to get to know the island`s captivating past. Then, you definitely need to visit Gozo and Comino, for their beautiful beaches and fascinating landscape.

There you have it, my top five European cities so far. Let me know if you`ve visited any of these places, I`d love to know your opinion. Below I`ll leave you with 5 European cities that are on my bucket list. 

1. Moscow - Not a fan of the political regime, but I do love my Russian literature
2. Dubrovnik - I am going to pretend that the last season didn`t exist, and admit that I want to visit the city for the Game of Thrones experience. Lame, I know
3. Positano - Fell in love with the tiny colourful houses
4. Berlin - Museums, museums, museums
5. Copenhagen - it gives me Amsterdam vibes + old castles


  1. So far I have only been to Britain and France. So my top are in those countries.
    1) Glasgow 2) Bristol 3) Paris 4)Llandudno 5)Arles

    My bucket list
    1) Lisbon or Porto are tied 2) Dublin 3) Rome 4) Athens 5) Oslo

    1. Dublin is cool, went there for my husband`s 29th birthday.

  2. I've only been to Paris from this list but Amsterdam and Copenhagen are high up on my travel bucket list!


    1. Amsterdam is amazing, and Copenhagen looks like such a relaxed city.

  3. I loved the food when I went to Paris! But ALSO Rome!!

    Becky | Uptown Oracle

    1. Really want to go to Rome as well, it`s so beautiful.

  4. I've recently been to Malta too and I absolutely loved it!
    Copenhagen is such an incredible city as well, one of my favourites that I've visited. The style and pace of the city is so relaxed and it has so much history to visit! x

    1. Almost booked that Copenhagen trip this year, but then I got pregnant. Will probably turn it into a family holiday next year.

  5. I’ve been to Amsterdam before and loved it. Planning to go again with friends in February. Copenhagen is on my bucket list as well, it looks stunning

    1. It looks a bit similar to Amsterdam, so I have a feeling we`ll both love it.

  6. These are amazing photos, and I loved the little stories that came with each city! I've only been to Paris myself (on a school trip actually). However, this year I went to Brussels and Bruges, which were great, although the latter pretty touristy. I climbed up a huge belfry in Bruges (fun but scary), and both had cool art museums.

    I hope you get to visit the other cities on your list, they sound amazing x

    1. I want to go to Bruges as well, but hopefully when it`s less packed.