5 Reasons Why I love Autumn

If you were to make a poll on any social media platform, I am positive that almost 60% of the users will declare Autumn their favourite season. So why do we love Autumn so much? Is it the clothes, the drinks, the weather or a combination of all and more? Do we love it because it`s the epitome of everything popular, and we just go with the trends? See, a good blogger would have created that damn poll. But we all know I`m not very organized. So I will just list my reasons.

Maybe I`m just basic and I like pumpkin spice lattes, all-black outfits and pumpkin scented candles. And you know what? What`s wrong with liking popular things? I am so tired of the constant judgement we get from other people. Get a life Karen, and let me enjoy my overpriced PSL (in my reusable cup ofc because I care about the environment). But in all seriousness now, let me list the real reasons why I love this magical season. 

                                                         FALL FASHION

As I mentioned above, I adore all-black outfits. Blame it on my music taste or 7 years of retail, but I feel the most comfortable when I wear black. Over the years I have toned down my Morticia vibes, and I add a pop of colour with my accessories. Yes to camel boots and hats, tartan scarfs and plaid jackets! As they say: fashion fades, but personal style is forever. Also, the reason why Autumn is a seasonal MVP in terms of fashion? The weather. Although it might rain constantly, the temperatures are lovely enough to wear light jackets and trendy accessories, without looking like a polar bear.

                                              PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING

Granted, you could burn pumpkin spice candles all year round, but what would be the point? Most of us associate certain smells or tastes with specific periods. Like Marcel Proust and his bloody cakes (if like me you`ve had to study "In Search of Lost Time", you`ll share my hatred for Madeleines). For me, pumpkins=Autumn. That`s why I get that thrill every time I burn my candles or enjoy the first sip of a PSL. That pumpkin-scented cream from The Body Shop? It`s special, cause I can buy it for a limited time.

                                          COSY NIGHTS IN WATCHING MOVIES

I have no social life, so nights in are a regular at our house. Come September, and we start our seasonal Harry Potter marathon. If I`m lucky, I might convince my husband to watch dramas with me. There are many movies that I save for this time of the year because they bring out fond memories. In one of my next posts I`ll talk about my Fall movies recommendations, so stay tuned.

                                                           SEASONAL PLAYLISTS

Yes, I make seasonal playlists, and it`s not lame. One might argue that my Autumn playlist is a bit depressing, but I like to call it artsy and melancholic. You can expect many songs from Placebo, Iron and Wine, Poets of The Fall, Kodaline or Ruelle. And obviously, the masterpiece that`s "November Rain". I might play in on repeat and drive my neighbours crazy, oh well.

                                                      MYSTERY/ HORROR NOVELS

Please neglect the fact that this year I had the worst reading slump. Sadly, with the baby on the way, I am constantly tired, and can`t focus on reading. I do hope that this season will remind me of the joy of reading, and make me get back in the saddle, so to speak. This time of the year I enjoy picking up mystery/horror novels, and before I found out I was pregnant, I had planned a big Stephen King marathon. Although I am pushing that for next year, I definitely want to read something about bored housewives planning their husband murders.  And my marriage it`s absolutely fine, no need to panic.

Let me know in the comments what are some of your favourite things about Autumn, I always reply and return comments. Also, maybe some reading recommendations?


  1. You're absolutely right, autumn is definitely my favourite season. It's for a mix of reasons. The fall fashion, seasonal holidays, my birthday and plenty of hot chocolates. Loved this post dear, stay fabulous!

    Tx. // Tajinder Kaur

    1. Thanks, hope you`ll have a lovely birthday!

  2. Can you believe I've never tried pumpkin spice?!?! I love movie nights during autumn too!

    1. It`s the only drink worth getting from Starbucks:)) you should try it!

  3. I love autumn so much! The colours, the changing leaves, it all has such a nice vibe. Autumnal food is always delicious too! x


    1. Yes, I`ve been craving pumpkin pie for weeks now.