My cruelty-free skincare routine

Hello, everyone! Today I want to talk to you about my skincare routine, and the products that I use to maintain a healthy glow. Flash news: it`s hard work and not pregnancy hormones. I`ve always said that although I`m not very good at makeup, I know my skincare stuff. And in a way, focusing on a clear and radiant skin saves me from needing too much makeup. Win-win situation. Before we begin, let`s touch some basics. I have combination - dehydrated skin, and whilst these products do wonders for me, that might not be the case for you. Everyone has different needs.
Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine

                                                              Morning skincare routine

As soon as I wake up, I wash my face with the Goodness Every Day Cream Cleanser (might have seen it in my latest beauty haul). Although you can use it to remove your makeup, I prefer it as a morning cleanser. Due to its creamy texture, it`s not drying at all, and it leaves my skin feeling fresh and clean. It`s a natural product, and the main ingredients are chia seeds, apple extract, avocado, sweet almond and coconut oil.

I`ve started using serums only a few years ago, and I wish I would have done it sooner. A serum that`s right for your skin type can do wonders. My favourite it`s the Drops of Youth Concentrate from The Body Shop. It`s the most expensive product in my skincare routine, but well worth the money. I can see and feel the difference it made. My skin is smoother, and it doesn`t lack hydration after a couple of hours like it did before. 

Some people will say that you don`t need an eye cream, which is true in some cases. But not if you have dry or dehydrated skin, cause you need that extra moisture. I use Sukin`s Antioxidant Eye Serum, and I am happy with it. It has a cooling effect, and it`s very gentle around the eye area. Lastly, I use The Body Shop`s Vitamin E Moisture Cream. Depending on my budget, I go back and forth between this cream and Superdrug`s Vitamin E cream. I don`t know if it`s a controversial opinion or not, but for me, both have similar effects.

Since I got pregnant, I also like to use Superdrug's Vitamin E Hydrating Mist throughout the day.  This just gives me that extra boost of moisture I need midday, whilst also feeling very refreshing.  It also doesn`t hurt that it`s filled with important vitamins, like vitamin A, B or H. Once or twice per week, I will apply a face mask, but we`ll talk about that in a more detailed post.
Cruelty-Free Skincare UK

                                                                 Evening skincare routine

Depending on how much makeup I wore that day, I do a dual or regular cleansing. If it was a chilled day, I just use The Purifier Micellar Water from Only Good. If I wore makeup, then I`ll use a hot cloth cleanser as well. At the moment, I`m enjoying the Vitamin E Hot Cloth Cleanser from Superdrug. Seriously, check out their own brand, you won`t regret it. I first started using it when I was looking for cruelty-free alternatives, and it`s such good value for your money.

After removing all the dirt and impurities, I use again the Drops of Youth Concentrate. Told you it`s an amazing product. My night cream is somewhat controversial, as I use Simple`s Water Boost Skin Quench Sleeping Cream. It`s my fault for not doing proper research, but when I got it I was under the impression that Simple is a PETA certified brand. Since then, I found out that it`s sold in China, which I assume makes it not cruelty-free. However, I don`t believe in waste, so I`ll use it until it runs out and then buy something else. It`s a shame though, cause it`s a fantastic and affordable cream.

And there you have it, my simplified skincare routine. I said simplified because I used more products in the past, but with the baby on the way, I`m trying to be faster and more practical. Let me know in the comments if you`re a fan of any of these products.


  1. I love the drops of youth range from the body shop, a firm favourite of mine and I really like that the concentrate is designed to help the moisturiser sink into the skin more. I actually picked up the vitamin E hot cloth cleanser when I popped in the other day and so far I'm loving it.

    Jordanne ||

    1. The Drops of Youth range is one of the best ones at The Body Shop. Really happy you like the cleanser, it`s a firm favourite of mine.