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Most people would have posted this at the beginning of the year, not on the day they turn 30. I suppose most of them don`t have a teething infant. Or if they do, they`re better organised than I am. She`s 4 months, so if you have any tips or product recommendations, I`d appreciate it.

Anyway, getting back to today`s post. I`m not one for New Year's resolutions, as I think we aim too high and set ourselves up for failure. If you`re a couch potato, you won`t run 5k the next day. You can`t change your life overnight. You can, however, make small changes, to improve your life. And that`s what this post will focus on. The little things I want to do to be a better person, mum, friend.
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1. Improve my German
We`re moving to Vienna in a couple of months, so I need to learn a bit of German before doing that. I want to write a post about my decision soon, so more on that later.

2. Learn something new
At the moment I`m thinking of bullet journaling. Or a craft, so I can teach my daughter later. Cause when it comes to doing artsy stuff, I`m a mess, and I want to be of help.

3. Read 15 minutes daily (audiobooks included)
I went from being a bookworm to reading less than 10 books per year. Although I`m finding it difficult to sit down and read a book physically, audiobooks seem to do the trick. I can listen a bit every day when I feed or play with my daughter.

4. Stick to my skincare routine
I love skincare products, but lately, I`ve been lazy, and it shows. Although I don`t do the 10 steps beauty routine, I like to properly cleanse, exfoliate, moisturise, etc. I`ve been trying some amazing products lately, so expect an updated version of my routine soon.

5. Stop using my phone before going to sleep
I did the stupid think of downloading some phone games, to play whilst I`m trying to get Adelina to sleep. And now, after she falls asleep and I should be doing that as well, I keep playing until I reach the next level. Very mature, I know.

6. Shop more sustainably
Whether it`s buying from local producers, or second-hand, I want to do more ethical shopping. I don`t think I can avoid fast fashion entirely at the moment, but I can be smarter and better with my shopping.

7. Shop less
This goes hand in hand with the point I made above. Shopping sustainably can be more expensive, but I want to invest in quality, rather than in quantity. I buy a lot from charity shops, but this year I also want to discover ethical brands, especially when it comes to shopping for Adelina.

8. Clean 10 minutes daily
Here`s the thing: with an infant, you don`t have the energy to clean. But you also can`t have a messy house, cause they`re sensitive. So I`m hoping that cleaning 10 minutes daily will keep me on top of my game.

9. Complain less
I`m tired, I don`t have the energy, I need more money, etc. I don`t have a perfect life, but I am lucky enough to have a roof over my head, a loving husband and an adorable munchkin. There`s always room for more, but I`m trying to be more content with what I have. Cause most don`t have it.

Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

10. Cook more
At the beginning of the year, I`ve decided to become a vegetarian. And funny enough, it made me enjoy cooking again, cause now I have to come up with new recipes or experiment more.

11. Drink more water
When I was pregnant, I used to drink almost 4l of water daily. And now I barely drink one, which is bad for my health. I`ve started getting migraines, so I bet this is the reason why.

12. Declutter monthly
Over the past couple of months, I`ve started getting more and more into minimalism. And whilst I can`t and won`t Marie Kondo my life, I want less clutter in my house. 

13. Find my fashion style
If you were to ask me to describe my style, I`d say feminine rocker. And there`s nothing wrong with it, but I have to be practical. I can`t really wear chunky heels or studded blouses with the little one. I hope this doesn`t sound like having a baby is something bad, that you have to give up who you are. I`m actually looking forward to finding my rocker mum style. She`s got the edge, but also the nappy bag kinda style.

14. Leave my comfort zone
I`m a shy person, that rarely takes any risks. Sadly, it cost me some opportunities, and I don`t want my daughter do be the same. Since your behaviour is the best example, in 2020 I will be more daring.

15. Be kinder to myself
I put a lot of weight during my pregnancy, and I haven`t lost much of it after giving birth. I always complain that I`m fat or look horrible. But I had a baby, that`s an amazing achievement. But more than that, I don`t want my daughter to grow in a house where I constantly complain about my weight.

16. Leave in the present
I used to have two modes: either daydream about the good old days or obsessively plan a perfect future. But I should enjoy now, while my daughter is small and learning so much about the world.

17. Prioritise my time
I`m a people pleaser, and I often say "Yes" to situations that are detrimental to me. But no more. I want to spend my time doing what I want, not pleasing others.

18. Unwind a few minutes daily
I don`t think that it makes me a bad mother when I say that I need some alone time. I adore my baby, but I also need 10 minutes per day to enjoy a coffee or take a relaxing shower. Sometimes even a few minutes are enough to recharge your batteries.

19. Help those less fortunate
I`ll say again, we lead by example. And I want my daughter to be kind and compassionate. And if she sees that you can`t help even with the little you have, then I`m hoping she`ll turn into a good person.

20. Be more responsible with my money
I want to set up a fund for Adelina, for college or a house, whatever she decides. I`m not going to leave her millions, but I want her to be able to follow her dreams without stressing about money like I had to.

Hopefully, there are not many Grammar mistakes, but if there are, excuse my mum brain. What are some of your goals for 2020? I`d love to hear them out.

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