Life Update: Moving to Vienna and dealing with a teething baby during lockdown

Hello! As you can see from the title, the last couple of months have been really crazy. In February our life changed completely, and then the whole world stood still as we were faced with the harsh reality of how bad the Coronavirus really is. Like I said, there were some big personal changes, but I also wondered if during these crazy times someone wants to read blogs. I don`t know how others feel, but for me reading blog posts and being more active online made it easier to cope with the situation. 


In February, my husband and I made the crazy decision of moving to a city where we don`t really speak the language. And I say crazy, but it made a lot of sense for us since my parents live in Vienna. Although so far I`m using English to get by, I`m adamant to learn German. We came here for a better life, and we can`t do that if we don`t speak the language. However, I must say that learning German is a dreadful process. 

My baby girl loves it here so far, and she adores her grandparents. My husband works crazy hours in London and as much as he tried to help, sometimes I used to feel like a single mother. Now, with the help I get from my parents, I can have a few moments for myself, and it made such a difference. Don`t get me wrong, I love spending time with Adelina. But it`s nice to be able to enjoy a warm bath or eat a hot meal while you watch a bit of telly. 

Sadly, my husband is still in London. We were planning on having Adelina`s baptism at the beginning of May, but now that`s postponed. And my husband can`t travel back and forth like we originally intended. It sucks, but with everything going on in the world, we try not to complain too much. He`ll move here in July, and until then we`re making the best of a bad situation.

                                                    THE TEETHING MUNCHKIN

Ah, the moments every parent awaits, but at the same time dreads. Your little one is teething, and no matter what you do, you can`t help them. I`ll admit, compared to other kids, Adelina doesn`t have it so bad so far. There are moments when I see she`s in pain, but she calms down when I cuddle her. It`s worse during nighttime because she doesn`t sleep as well as she used to, but hopefully, it will get better soon.

Long walks used to settle them, but we`ve been in lockdown for almost a month now. Still, we`re lucky because our building has a small yard. Also, from what I can tell, Austria might return to normal in a few weeks. My dad said that they`re opening the parks next week, and if you`re wearing a face mask, you can go. We still don`t want to risk it, so if we`re allowed to go outside, we`ll go to places that are not crowded.

What about you? How have you been coping with the current situation?

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