Spring Cleaning Goals

Hello, everyone! Initially, I had a different post in mind, where I`d talk about my Spring goals. But as I`m spending most of my time at home, in self-isolation, I had to change the tune. And I`m trying to put a positive spin on this mess, so why not use this time to do something useful? With that in mind, I`ve decided to up my Spring cleaning routine and become a proper Mrs.Hinch. 
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As I`ve mentioned in the previous post, we`ve recently moved to Vienna, and although the new flat is clean, I want to make sure it`s properly clean. You know what I mean? Like you can see a clean surface, but you don`t really know how sanitary it is until you do it yourself. Obviously, I can`t raise my baby in a bubble, but I can make sure there aren`t germs flowing around like they`re at Coachella.

Have a proper wardrobe clearout
Before we moved, I`ve tried to pack as little as possible, and only take what I need. But my little girl recently moved up a size, so I need to sort out her clothes. I also need to be practical and keep pieces that are appropriate for the weather in Vienna.

Wash all the windows
I feel like this is a common denominator for most new flats, the windows aren`t always that clean. And I have these huge, gorgeous windows that are perfect for taking pictures, so I want to utilize them at their full capacity. No stain is going to block my selfies.

Deep-clean the tub and shower
Again, they seem clean enough. But you can never be too sure.
Rearrange my bookshelf
Ah, one of the greatest pleasures in my life, arranging my bookshelves. I did a big unhaul before leaving London, so I`m really excited to make new displays. I also have more space in our new flat, which in my mind equals new books.

Deep-clean the oven, stove and fridge
As I`m spending more time at home, I`m falling in love again with cooking. I love trying new recipes, and I can`t wait for the time when my girl will start weaning. But a messy kitchen affects my mood. I can`t enjoy spending time in the kitchen if it`s not clean.
Spring Cleaning Goals

I`ve also created a cleaning schedule, which I hope I`ll stick to, regardless of what will happen in the next couple of months. I know I`m not the next cleaning guru, and I`m not even trying to be that. I`ve just come to the conclusion that a clear space keeps me focused and motivated.

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