5 Reasons to buy Second-hand

Hello, everyone! With everything going on, I thought it would be appropriate to have a chat about being smart with our shopping. These crazy months left almost everyone feeling uncertain. Some lost their jobs or part of their income, and even those secure enough with their finances had to ask themselves some hard questions. Can and should we continue to live the same lifestyle as before the pandemic?

Ever since I had my baby girl, I started thinking more about how my choices affect the world. Slowly, but surely, I`m going for a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Last year I made the leap towards cruelty-free, and this summer I`ve also decided to part ways with fast-fashion. I`ll talk more about that in a future post, but for now, let`s talk about second-hand shopping. In my opinion, it`s the easiest way to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle, for various reasons.

Sustainable Fashion
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1. It is cheaper
Unless we`re talking about vintage or designer items, buying second-hand is simply cheaper. When I lived in London I often went to charity shops and found so many brand new clothes. For instance, I once found a pair of River Island shorts, with the label on, for 4£. Obviously, their original price was 5 times higher or something like that. And even if what you`re buying isn`t brand new, you`ll always pay a fraction of the original price.

2. It is better for the planet
In high school, I used to buy second-hand cause I was poor, now it`s a choice. The fast fashion industry is the second biggest pollutant, and every year we throw away tonnes of garments. Most workers are paid unfairly prices, materials are not sourced responsibly and so on. If you have the time, please watch "The True Cost" on Netflix. That documentary changed my relationship with fast fashion forever.

3. It is exciting 
I know that for some going through a big pile of clothes might be stressful, but I find it so rewarding. I love finding gems in the most unexpected places. If you go to shops, the merchandise is usually pretty neatly stacked, but flea markets are a different situation. My advice is to go early before everyone gets there. And whilst it might not be the case all the time, 9/10 times the finds are worth the hassle.

4. You'll find unique pieces
I`m trying to put this in a way that doesn`t sound offensive, cause I`m not trying to be mean. To each their own. But personally, I was never a fan of must-have items. I remember last or two summers ago, there was a certain Zara dress, and everyone was going crazy about it. You can argue that you can take a very popular item, and give it your own spin. But that`s not really for me. That`s why I love buying second-hand, cause I can find older articles, and reinvent them.

5. You are helping local businesses
I know that this isn`t the case with every second-hand items, but it applies to most of them. Charity shops raise money for a particular cause (yes, I know most money goes to the CEO, but I`m an optimist). There are shops owned by locals as well. And even if you buy from Depot, you`re giving money directly to that person.

5 Reasons To Buy Second-Hand

I hope you`ve enjoyed this post, and found it inspiring. I`m working on several posts about sustainable fashion, but I don`t want to say more until I do proper research. Talking about second-hand seemed the easiest for now, as it`s something I`ve done for years. And hopefully, you`ll do too.

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