Biggest Skincare Mistakes I Made In My 20s

I sometimes feel weird writing beauty posts, cause I`m no makeup guru or skincare experts. As you`ll see from this post, I`m far from being skincare savvy. But I`m very passionate about these topics, and I hope you can see that. Hopefully, my enthusiasm lacks for my lack of knowledge. Although, with the power of Google and Youtube, the students soon can become masters.

                                                                    Photo by Anastasiia Ostapovych on Unsplash

1. Not wearing SPF
I think this is the biggest crime in the skincare department, and I was guilty of it until this year. If I wasn`t going to the beach, I wasn`t applying SPF. Don`t ask what the logic behind this was, cause I have no idea. I mean, the weather in London sucks, but I was still exposed so UV rays. Anyway, now I don`t rely only on the SPF in my face cream. Sun can do the biggest damages to your skin, and you always have to be prepared.

2. Rubbing face cream all over my face
Thank you, Youtube, for teaching me the Pat Pat shtick. Because I used to rub face cream like you rub cheese cream on a bagel. No wonder in most cases it wasn`t effective. I don`t think it was that bad on my T-zone, but I can`t believe I used to be so harsh with my under-eye area. Those first wrinkles are sure judging me now.

3. Using the wrong products for my skin type
In my early 20s, I used to think that you either have dry, combination or oily skin. I wasn`t aware that different areas of your face have different needs. Now I know I have dehydrated combination skin, and I know what products to use.

4. Using physical scrubs daily
We now know that physical scrubs aren't the best, and you should probably use them once a week if you really like them. No wonder I suffered from rosacea when I used to apply harsh scrubs on my face daily. 

5. Leaving a face mask far too long
Apparently, there is too much of a good thing, and that goes for face masks. They all come with a guideline for how long they should be applied for. But 20-year-old me thought that the more you leave them, the better. Not the case, follow those guidelines!

6.Using products with strong fragrances 
If you have sensitive skin, stay away from anything strong fragrances. In most cases, you're dealing with synthetics, which can make your skin itchy or break you out.

7. Using only makeup wipes to remove my makeup
We started with a big one, let`s end with a big one. Now we`re aware that makeup wipes are bad for your skin and the environment. Back then I was clueless to the wonders of a double cleanse. I`m not going to lie, sometimes when I travel, I use a few wipes. But I always save them as a last resort. 

Are you guilty of any of these sins? What were some of the biggest skincare mistakes you've made?

P.S. Sorry for the absence, I am dealing with some family drama. Hopefully, it will all get better soon. 

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