7 Healthy Habits That Changed My Life

I`ll begin by saying that I`m not one of the healthiest people out there. I`m a nervous first-time mum, and I also constantly battle depression. But I can see a tremendous difference in where I was 10 years ago and where I am now. And it all comes down to sticking to a routine, one where I try to implement healthy habits in all aspects of my life. I`ve realised that not only do I love stability, but it helps me focus and deal with unexpected events. Like baby poop on the sofa or food thrown everywhere (yes, the joys of baby-led weaning).
Healthy Habits

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1. Having a healthy breakfast
I`m not sure at what age breakfast becomes an optional meal. Most of my friends tend to skip breakfast cause they`re in a hurry to get to work. And after a while, they got so used to this, that they don`t feel the need to eat anything in the morning. Well, I`m hangry. I need a good breakfast to start my day. It gives me energy. It makes me happy cause I love food. So I always make sure to have 10 minutes where I can enjoy a good coffee, some fruits, porridge or eggs. 

2. Going to bed at the same hour daily
Before Adelina, I used to wake up at the same time as well, but now anything goes, from 5AM to 8AM. Still, I try to go to bed at the same time. Not only does it help me, but it also helps Adelina. 

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3. Reading daily
Last year was my worst reading year, but now I`m getting back on track. Reading is my favourite hobby. It helps me deal with a teething baby and other struggles of motherhood. When Adelina takes her afternoon nap, I know I have that time for myself, to get lost in a different world. It also helps me improve my vocabulary, since I read in English and not my language. Also, it`s nice to talk with others about things that are not baby related. Cause God knows, baby brain is out to get me.

4. Learning to say NO
This was probably the biggest change in my life, learning to stand up for myself. I always put others before me...their joys bring me joy. But sometimes people take advantage of your good nature. And although I want to raise a compassionate kid, I want Adelina to be strong and independent.

5. Plan in advance
I`m not a spontaneous person, and I`m OK with that. It doesn`t mean I`m boring or old. I just thrive when I know what I want, and I make the plans to achieve it. I love making lists: meal planning, budgeting, daily chores, you name it. Also, that feeling when you check your list and see that you`re on top of everything? Priceless.

6. Sticking to my skincare routine
If you treat your skin right, it will do the same for you. I have a set morning and nighttime skincare routine, which helps me maintain a glowing skin. It`s also nice to have a few minutes to yourself, to feel beautiful even though you might be a mess with spaghetti in your hair (this might or might not have happened Friday when Adelina had some).

7. Watch less Netflix
I used to be a binge-watcher, sometimes spending 8 hours on my day off watching TV Shows. But then I had to deal with a baby, which meant limited TV time. And it helped me so much. When I can sit down to watch an episode, I appreciate it more. I`m more productive. I talk more with my husband. The benefits could go on and on.

What about you? What healthy habits changed your life?

Healthy Habits

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