Cruelty-Free Brands At Superdrug

Hello, everyone! Today`s post will be more informal, as I`ll share with you the cruelty-free brands available at Superdrug. I`d like to start by saying that this is not affiliated or anything like that, I`m just a big fan of Superdrug`s policy towards cruelty-free beauty. Not only is their own range of makeup, skincare and fragrance fantastic, but they also stock an impressive array of brands that don`t condone animal testing. Most of them are also very affordable, which is always a plus.

Cruelty-Free Brands Superdrug




I have googled all of these brands and from what I can tell, they are cruelty-free. But as Wet&Wild showed us, brands can be misleading. So please let me know if somehow I am mistaken about any of these. I`m just a tired mum trying to share my passion, and I`m learning along with you.

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