Ready, Set, Reset!

Hello, everyone! I known, I know, it's been a while since we last spoke. Again. Truth be told, I am in a weird place right now. Moving to Vienna didn't pan out the way we hoped it will be, and we were under a lot of stress. Things are starting to look up a bit, but we don't want to rush again. We've learnt our lesson.
Do we regret moving to Vienna? Yes and no. No, cause staying in London wasn't an option anymore. It was fine when it was the two of us, but now we have a baby we need to put first. We rushed and made a huge decision bases on promises, and that's that. We can't go back. But after the initial shock of not getting the job, we somehow got hopeful again. 

I think that this huge change made us reevaluate our life. Starting new is always hard, especially in a foreign country. But we are motivated, more than ever. Because we were faced with two simple options: stay or go. And truth be told, we fell in love with Vienna, and we want to make a living here. It is such a beautiful city to raise a baby. We owe it to our daughter to give her the best chances in life. Ans once our mindset changed, things started to improbe as well. My husband got a temporary job, and we will go from there. 
As for me? I want to spend most of my time with Adelina. I can't imagine going back to work until she's at least 3-years old. But that technically would mean just an income. Which is why starting next year, I want to blog full-time. I am smart enough to realise that I won't make a lot of money. But hey, it's a chance to do what I want and spend time with my baby. 

So please join me in my new quest. I will still share my passion for cruelty-free beauty and sustainable lifestyle , but you will also see more parenting posts. Exciting times ahead, can't wait! 

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