10 Things I No Longer Buy

Before you're about to roll your eyes, this isn't a minimalism pitch. I am not a minimalist per se, although I follow some related principles. You can call me a hygge lover if you want (remember the craze a few years ago?). I try to live a simple and purposeful life, but I also invest in things that bring me joy. For instance, I am a book collector, and it's my dream to have my personal library. Although it's expensive and takes up a lot of space, full bookshelves bring me joy.

Many people think that minimalism means living like a monk. That's wrong, and I`m not sure how people got the idea. Personally, I think it's about being more mindful of the things you own. Are they useful or will they bring you joy in the long term? These are some of the questions minimalism asks. Although I am tempted by living a simpler life, I also believe in conscious consumerism. It might seem idyllic to some, but I think it`s a good compromise. Basically, see if you really need to buy something and if the answer is yes, try to do it as ethical as possible.

This year has been hard financially, and with a newborn, I had to cut my expenses as much as possible. To my surprise, I didn`t miss the things I`ve stopped buying, and it made me realise how reckless I`ve been with my money. I could have saved a lot if I`d stopped being a mindless shopper. If you don`t miss an item, then surely there was no need for it in the first place. 

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1. BUJO supplies
It pains me to say this, but I don`t have an artistic bone in my body. I can`t draw or paint, and my writing is often intelligible. But I`ve wanted to be a part of this trend so bad. So I bought lots of washi tapes, colourful pens, stickers, stencils, etc. In the end, I gave them all to my niece because bullet journaling started to feel like a chore. I was never happy with how my notebook looked, and I was barely using it. It saved no purpose and it made me feel bad.

2. Stationery
I was such a stationery addict a few years ago. I used to shop at Paperchase every week, and as you know, it`s not the cheapest shop. But I loved their gorgeous notebooks and little decorations. The problem was that I wasn`t using them besides for photoshoots. Because I was buying new notebooks weekly, I was never able to use them to their full capacity. Now I much prefer online versions, better for the environment and your pocket.

3. Magazines
On one hand, I feel that it`s a shame that printed magazines are slowly dying. On the other hand, almost 40% of the content is just advertising nowadays. Many articles feel out of touch with reality and apply to those living a fine life. Like many others, I get information online, and sometimes I trust bloggers more than an editor that was clearly paid to praise a 200£ face cream for example.

4. Sexy lingerie
I`m in minority, but I find sexy lingerie very uncomfortable. Sorry for the TMI, but unless it`s pure cotton, I get all itchy. Sexy lingerie is meant to make you feel confident, but you can`t do that if you`re not comfortable. As for my husband, he couldn`t give a crap. We have a baby, so anytime we get some sexy time we consider it a blessing.

5.  Takeaway coffee
When I worked retail, I used to buy my coffee from Starbucks or Costa at least once a day. I once made a total, and roughly I used to spend 80£ monthly on takeaway coffee. Not only that, but most of the time I didn`t have my reusable cup, so it was one-use plastic cups. I`m not going to lie, if I`m out for a long time, I might buy a cup to warm me up, especially on cold days. But now that`s a rare occasion, and I always have my reusable cup. For instance, this year I had coffee out only 2 times in 10 months.

6. Plastic bags
This is the easiest way you can reduce waste. Say no to those bloody plastic bags. I always have a reusable one with me, and even if I don`t, I try to carry my items myself.

7. Expensive perfume
The hardest part of going cruelty-free was finding perfume alternatives for my non-cruelty-free ones. I must say, it`s hard, but not impossible. I use one from Lush, and it`s good so far. Because it`s Lush it`s 30£, but that`s not an outrageous amount. I used to spend well over 80£ on a perfume, but now 30-35£ is my limit.

8. Alchohol
Now don`t get the wrong idea, I wasn't the biggest drinker anyway. But I liked to have a glass of wine on weekends. I`ve stopped drinking completely when I got pregnant and I haven`t missed it since. Maybe it`s because we`re not going out at night either, but now I`d rather have a cup of tea or hot chocolate on a cold evening.

9. Shaving cream
I think that shaving cream is one of the biggest scams when it comes to women. Cause so many items that you have in your bathroom can do the same job. I now use coconut oil, and it`s even better, cause it`s hydrating as well.

10. Pre-cooked meals
When you`re working, pre-cooked meals seem like the greatest thing ever. You get a tasty meal even when you don`t have the time to make one. But is it really tasty and nutritious? Not really, and they`re quite expensive and make a lot of waste. Try to cook as much as you can, and if you can`t, takeaways are still better because at least` you`re supporting local businesses.

All of these items used to add up to my monthly costs, and I can definitely see an improvement after I cut them out. I`m saving money, I`m not buying useless stuff and reducing my waste as well. What about you? What items you`re no longer buying?

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  1. Nice. I liked all the ideas you shared here. I would add a multitude of creams and of course all the trending clothes ...we don't need so many clothes!