How to reset your life in 2021

The last year has been one of the most challenging years of my life. We moved to another country with a baby, and if this doesn't sound stressful enough, the pandemic happened. I am aware that everyone was affected in some way by the Coronavirus, and I am bot saying that my situation was worse. It just turned this life-changing moment into temporary madness.

Months later, we're still waiting for some paperwork. Because of that, my husband didn't get the initial job we came here for, and he temporarily works as an Uber driver. Not complaining, I know it could be worse. But it is a nightmare when none of your plans pans out. On top of everything, these past weeks Adelina, out baby, had some health issues, and I was more stressed than ever.

                     I need a break. And then I need to push Reset and get my life on track. 

When our circumstances changed, I kinda lost control on things. I neglected this and that, cause I was convinced that we're in a shitty situation. And I made it worse. Maybe I could have implemented some small positive changes, but instead, I embraced the negativity. Sounds familiar? Well, I am here to tell you that 2021 can be better, and it's all in our hands.

Reflect on the good and bad of the previous year
I think that when we want to reset our lives we adopt an "all or nothing" mentality. But that's wrong. Maybe we have some good habits we'd like to continue in the next year. Maybe there are some unhealthy patterns we need to change. That's why it's always good to reflect on the previous year and see what went good and what went bad.

Go back to your values
I think that we often set goals that are not in alignment with our values, and that's why we never reach them. For instance, many people dream about becoming millionaires, but what fuels that desire? If you're more family-oriented, a well-paid job might offer you financial stability, but it might take away from your time spent with your loved ones. If you're someone that loves to travel, a well-paid job might cost you your freedom.

Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against well-paid jobs. It's just that we often chose the ones that don't allow us to pursue our dreams. This year I have decided to stay-at-home with my baby, and I quit my job. That means that we took a hit financially, but we prioritised family time. Obviously, we want to reach some form of financial security, but not at the expanse of our family time.

Create a morning and evening routine 
I know that the word routine sounds boring, but sometimes a tight schedule gives you more time. I know it sounds insane, but it's true. When you know what you have to do, you don't waste time procrastinating. 

Make a vision board
Vision boards are amazing. They're fun to make, and they help you visualise the future you want. You are more motivated to do something when you have a clear image in mind. A few years ago I would have told you that the law of attraction is bullshit. But how can I judge something I haven't tried? Something that others used to reach their goals? Once I changed my mindset, I saw a noticeable difference.

Make yourself a priority 
I have a one-year-old, and sometimes this is hard to do. But ever since I stopped treating myself as an afterthought, my mood improved tremendously. I make time to enjoy my meals, do my skincare routine, practice some self-care every now and then. Ladies, we have the time, stop saying we don't.

If you don't take care of yourself, soon enough you won't be able to take care of others. More importantly, what example do you set? I was thinking about my daughter, and how I want her to have a bright future. But if her mum is not taking care of herself, she will follow that example. We can talk as much as we want, but at the end of the day, kids are more inclined to do what they see, not hear.

Embrace the minimalism mindset
Minimalism has changed my life completely. If you were to visit my house, you wouldn't think that I am a minimalist. I have loads of books. I love hanging pictures of our family. I own my fair share of skincare bits. 

Like many, I thought that minimalism meant living like a monk. But it's about intentional living, and making sure the items on your house serve a purpose. If I love reading and applying face masks, that doesn't make me less of a minimalist. Because I am always mindful of my purchases, and try to focus on what matters.

Moreover, minimalism is more than an aesthetic and your possessions. You can also apply it to your relationships IRL and social media. Surround yourself with people that make your life better. Stop dwelling on your past and maintaining a relationship for the sake of it. It will sound harsh, but I cut so many people from my life. As a new mum, my time is limited, and I'd rather be with people that make me happy.

Learn how to single-task
We live in a society where we`re constantly told we need to do more. There`s this common belief that if you want to achieve your goals you can`t rest, you should always do something productive. And whilst I love productivity tips, I don`t agree with the concept of multi-tasking. More often than not we focus on too many things at once and end up with mediocre results. I strongly believe that if you do just one activity at the time, you`d have better results. And I`m not the only one. Time-blocking or the Pomodoro technique are increasing in popularity, and more people are questioning the effectiveness of multi-tasking.

I am by no means a personal development expert, so take this post lightly. These are some steps I will take in 2021, but what works for me, might not fit you. If you have more ideas, I'd love to hear them out. 

How To Reset Your Life


  1. These are some really great tips! This past year has been such a tough one, I'm sick of feeling negative about everything and definitely don't want to go into 2021 feeling the same way.

    Jordanne ||

  2. Great post! Kudos to you for looking at what you can do to keep a positive mindset after a challenging year. I made a vision board last New Year's Eve and I think it's a big part of why I had a great productive year. I didn't reach all of my goals, but I reached many of them. I firmly believe in single-tasking. It puts me in a flow state where I get a runner's high but not from running, just from being in the zone of focus. I get this the most when I am writing. It's what I love most about being a blogger.

  3. I loved this post. You have a great outlook and you gave us all of some great tips. And I love your whole blog. Great job.