Looking back at 2020

I was 10-year-old when we entered the year 2000, and everyone was saying that it's the most memorable year I will ever witness. I think that the year 2020 would like to have a word. The last year was a horrible one, no doubt, but it also taught us to really appreciate life. We've learnt that we should stop living on autopilot, and embrace the moment.

2020 was also a memorable year for our family since it meant moving to a different country. Our plans didn't pan out, but it was a learning opportunity nonetheless. Although my husband didn't get the job we moved to Vienna for, he got another one, and we managed to land on our feet. At first, the whole situation depressed me, but like I said, I wanted to learn from our mistakes.

I believe that the last year was a big wake up call for most of us, especially financially. No matter how secure your job is, you should have some savings. Like many, we only had savings for a month or two, which was scary. Going into the new year we definitely want to be smarter with our finances. I have been reading lots of books and listening to podcasts about finances, so I am pretty confident going into this next chapter. Minimalism also helped me a lot, as it made me focus on the things that matter. 

Most importantly, the last year I truly embraced motherhood. Adelina reached so many milestones, and my heart could burst with joy. It was the year of weaning, of first steps, and being more independent. Moving to Vienna was the best move as far as she's concerned. She now has her maternal grandparents close, and she's growing up in the most loving environment. Obviously, as parents, we adore spending time with her, but there is no denying that having grandparents close is great. I can have some me-time, and focus more on my blogging. 

Speaking of blogging, last year I was all over the place. Although I wrote some posts that make me proud, I wasn't consistent. Things are about to change this year, as I want to turn this side hustle into something lucrative. I have a content calendar, scheduled tweets, and batched pins. Most importantly, I have the motivation to succeed. Although I have been blogging for years, it's only now that I've stopped treating it as a hobby, and I am willing to put in the work. Fingers crossed it will work out! 

I really hope that this post didn't rub anyone the wrong way. I was very lucky to not have anyone affected my Covid, so maybe that's the reason I took it better than others. It's a horrible situation, but for me, all this time spent at home helped me sort out my priorities. 

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