My 2021 Blogging and Personal Goals

Is anyone else feeling nervous about their 2021 goals? I was debating whether I should post this or not, as I don't want to tempt fate. Or make a fool of myself by sharing unrealistic goals. At the end of the day though, sharing my goals with the world is a way of keeping myself accountable. As you can see, I have divided this post into two sections, and it will be a long post, so we should start.

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This year I have decided to start treating my blog as a business, and hopefully, make some money out of it. Let's address the elephant in the room: there are many who believe that once you start making money, you're selling yourself. That's a rubbish mentality. Your passion is still there, you're just getting rewarded for your hard work. And if you're really smart you'll realise that no blogger will risk their credibility for a few bucks.

I am realistic enough to know that I am a small blogger, so before thinking of any money, I need to grow this blog. Therefore, 2021 will also be a year of knowledge, where I finally invest in my passion, and a few good courses. I want to know about SEO, Pinterest, email marketing and all the other techy stuff. I love writing, and sadly these are all areas where I struggle, as I wasn't interested in them before. My goal for the first quarter of 2021 is to be less clueless about the marketing/technical part of blogging.

As much as I love how easy it is to use Blogger, I want to switch to WordPress. Not only does it have all these cool plugins that help your SEO, but the custom templates are also better. I should also learn more about hosting, so like I said, I have so many things to learn about in this year. "Knowledge is power" better be more than a famous quote.

Now that I have bored you to death with my ramblings, here are the actual goals:
  • Spend one hour daily learning about SEO and social media marketing 
  • Reach 25k monthly blog views
  • Move to WordPress and change my blog theme
  • Post 3 times weekly 
  • Reach 100k monthly impressions on Pinterest
  • Increase my DA to 20
  • Reach 3k Instagram followers 
  • Reach 3k Twitter followers 
  • Land my first sponsored post
  • Make 100€ monthly from blogging 
  • Improve my blog photography 
  • Start an email marketing list

As you can see, I did not set unreasonable goals. I know where I am at the moment with my stats. Also, with the current situation, I think it's better to start small and move from there. In the past, I used to aim for unrealistic goals, and then stop midway cause I did not see the results I wanted. 

This is the year when I focus on my wellbeing. I need to make my physical and mental health a priority, not only for myself but for my family as well. I want to set a good example for my daughter and show her that you should make yourself a priority. In the first months of motherhood, I kinda lost myself, but now I have found my balance. I am not always on top of everything, but I also stopped stressing myself about getting everything done perfectly. 

Since I will spend more time working on this blog, time management is one of the keywords of 2021. I have said countless times that I disagree with multi-tasking, and that focusing on a single task is so much better. To-Do lists are a must, but you should also learn how to prioritise. Personally, I have days dedicated to single tasks like properly cleaning or meal prepping, and I wish I would have done this earlier. Why we're constantly overworking ourselves is one of life's biggest mysteries.

Health Goals
  • Exercise once weekly
  • Reduce my sugar intake
  • Go for outdoor walks daily 
  • Drink more water
  • Stop drinking Pepsi

Personal development goals
  • Read daily
  • Practice gratitude daily
  • Create a morning and evening routine
  • Learn German (I bloody live in Vienna, help)
  • Listen to motivational podcasts on weekends 
  • Take some online classes 
  • Learn a new skill 

Ideally, I would also love to go on a family vacation, but that's not really up to me. Hopefully, we will be able to travel to some extent again. You might have noticed that I did not set any financial goals. This is the area where I think that things are most uncertain. Recently I have read a bunch of books about finance, and I know my way around budgeting and saving. However, without a stable job, you cannot do much. I have mentioned in a previous post that things are still shaky, and our move didn't go according to the plan. Whilst we're optimistic about the future, we decided to refrain from making financial goals this year.

I am really curious to see what are some of your 2021 goals. Are you looking on tje bright side ahen it comes to 2021? Obviously, the pandemic won't go away overnight, but I do believe that we're on the right path(examples of countries that stayed on top of everything, plus the vaccine). Nonetheless, I also believe it's good to want a fresh start in the new year. You're not ignoring the present, you're just manifesting a better future. 

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  1. My biggest goals are to get my Pinterest back up and to work on my SEO so I can eventually get accepted onto mediavine... that is the ultimate goal!!