About Me:


Hello, I am Georgiana-Carmen, and I like to talk a lot. Not in real life, but it seems that I can`t stop my ramblings when I write a post. I am from Romania, and after I got my degree in Political Sciences, I moved to London. Being away from home for so many years was the reason I started blogging, as I felt alone and wanted to connect with people. 

In 2019 I decided to go completely cruelty-free, meaning that all products that I use are not or don`t have ingredients tested on animals (nor are they sold to China). It`s something that I am very passionate about, and that`s why you`ll see many beauty posts featuring cruelty-free products. We have so many choices nowadays, and I want to share them with you. Even if you don`t go completely cruelty-free, if you buy one vegan mascara or foundation, I consider my job done.

I am currently expecting my first child, so there will be the occasional pregnancy/parenting post. More than that, I want to write about living a happy and sustainable life. I am not a minimalist or vegan, but I try to do my fair share for the planet. Even if my actions won`t have a big impact, at least I`ll be a role model for my child. Or so I hope.

In conclusion, you can expect these types of posts:
  • cruelty-free beauty
  • sustainable fashion
  • zero-waste lifestyle
  • travel
  • parenting
My goal is to post every Monday and Thursday. For more information, don`t hesitate to contact me at teglas.georgiana@gmail.com.

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